Week 31 Check In

It’s been a while … 17 weeks to be precise

My first excuse was the stress from studying and then work pressure, but unfortunately that does not cut it – the truth is I stopped and did not start again.

Tomorrow I’m back at the gym and eating clean again. Starting with a 5 day program to get me started with a mix of cardio and some strength training.

  • Day 1 : Cardio (Jogging, cycling etc)
  • Day 2 : Strengh training
  • Day 3 : Cardio(Jogging, cycling etc)
  • Day 4 : Strength training
  • Day 5 : Cardio(jogging, cycling etc)
  • Weekend : At least 10 km walk over the weekend

I love walking, for some reason. If I wanted to I could walk for the whole day long, so I concider it more relaxation, so am attempting to do 10km each weekend. 10km takes roughly 1.5 hours out of my weekend.

I’m motivated, and up again ! Let’s Go !

Weekly weigh in delay, and Diet

I’m a bit late with the weigh in this week, as on Friday I was diagnosed with Shingles, which has set me back with my exercise program with the antibiotics and pain medicine. Tomororw I will be back in the saddle and doing my 3.2 km running (or attempt to do that).


I’ve also start with my diet and I’m in full swing. I’ve decided to go for the SleekGeek REBOOT again.  Which is very similar than the Paleo diet.

A new Running Personal Best

I’m feeling very good right now.

I’ve done my first 1.2 km run without stopping today, and not just once but twice.

Sticking to my running program, today consisted of :

  1. 1 200 m jogging
  2. 800 walking
  3. 1 200 m jogging

I finished this mornings’ workout in 25m49s and it felt great.  On Monday I will be doing a constant 3.2 km jogging without the walking interval in between.

With this run I also set some new personal bests


Week 8 Weigh In

Weighed In this morning at 121.3 kg, that is a 2 kg loss since last weigh in.

I’m now starting to follow a good pattern each week. Running 3 days a week and the rest I’m spending in the gym with ad hoc exercises to improve abdominals and general fitness.

Still busy trying to eat much more healthier.